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JobsMarkt is the first online jobs portal in the world that connects a global marketplace of jobseekers directly with employers. Also only site around the globe linking professionals and skilled labor in developing countries with employers without high costs of recruitment agencies with its unique global recruitment model. JobsMarkt have updated the recruitment model to harness the internet power of connection to replace the need for expensive middlemen to review resumes and then only pass on those with the highest chance of success. Instead, JobsMarkt harnesses innovative new Recruiting-Tools so that jobseekers can contact employers they want to work for and employers can more easily search and source the best talent.

Global Zone for Employers

JobsMarkt is unique when compared to other job sites. Rather than force you to submit applications to recruitment agencies, we connect you with employers directly. This removes an ineffective and expensive hurdle between seeing a dream opportunity abroad and ensuring your application receives the attention it deserves. While searching and applying for jobs in your own country is free, JobsMarkt charges a small annual subscription to register as Global Jobseeker. The advantage of our annual subscription model is that it reduces the level of competition and ensures your resume will be reviewed and given a fair chance of success. This rarely happens on free job sites where the likelihood of a resume receiving more than six seconds of a recruiter’s time is slim. Upon successfully gaining employment, we also help to smooth the transition to your new life in another country. We will connect you with agencies that can advise you on immigration issues and any questions you may have about relocating. So from the moment you begin your search to arriving for work on your first day, JobsMarkt is here to provide you with a smarter, more effective route to your dream job.