How to Cope with Unemployment During COVID-19

21 Dec, 2023


    The COVID-19 pandemic has left many companies and organizations scrambling to maintain employment levels and still manage to remain in operation. It’s a time for bold innovation and a willingness to adopt new methods to cope with unemployment during COVID-19 pandemic.   
    Identifying new methods that employees can implement to perform the same work is essential. To keep staff from the unemployment line, that may mean having them work from home and helping those individuals with the tools to perform their jobs ranging from laptops and software to Internet access and teleconferencing.

    Other businesses may need to institute contactless deliveries, take-out only, offer specific hours for at-risk populations, or operate primarily online. All of those options enable businesses to offer employment, provide the potential for new hiring, and lays a foundation for recruitment. The following are the top five strategies that businesses and organizations are utilizing to stay in business amid the pandemic.

    To Cope with Unemployment During Pandemic: Go Digital

    A vast number of services don’t really require in-person contact. From telemedicine to 3D African safaris, companies and professionals have taken to the digital world and scaled up online stores. It requires less overhead, fewer hard resources, and provides employment opportunities to fulfill those services. It’s an ideal hiring time for people with skills in that arena.

    Cope with Unemployment by Expanding Outdoors

    From eateries to yoga studios, business owners are offering their services outdoors whenever possible. Clinics are holding drive-thru flu vaccination events, churches are providing outdoor drive-in worship services, and bars and restaurants are expanding outdoors to sidewalks and rooftops. In areas with cold winter climates, many establishments are turning to geodesic domes to expand outdoor seating.


    The demand for delivery services has increased tenfold during the pandemic. Any company or organization that can deliver services direct to a consumer or in their home is guaranteed repeat business. Salons are just one type of business that can keep current employees and can cope with unemployment during this pandemic.


    One of the most elegant examples of pivoting are craft beer breweries that are utilizing their expertise to create batches of hand sanitizer. The demand for an array of products has surged as a result of the pandemic. These types of organizations and businesses are preventing unemployment by utilizing the techniques and technology they already have to pivot their products and services.

    The Bottom Line

    Companies and organizations that successfully innovate and maintain employment within their enterprises during the pandemic are the companies of tomorrow they know well how to cope with unemployment during this difficult time. Current unemployment levels are near what they were during the Great Depression. Businesses can do their part to prevent unemployment and succeed even during the pandemic. It’s a unique opportunity for recruitment and growth.

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