Meet Our Team

JobsMarkt is led by a team with extensive experience in multiple disciplines, including recruitment, digital technology and finance. Together we have the skills and know-how to revolutionize the jobs industry.

Sajid H. Shah
Founder / CEO (Global)

WKS Bern - Switzerland

  • Entrepreneur and visionary in the global digital market of artificial intelligence
  • Profound leadership and human resources management skills
  • Efficient and systematic working methodology
  • Cosmopolitan personality with high problem-solving skills
  • Languages: German, English, Urdu and Punjabi



Zaheer A. Gondal
Co-Founder / CTO (Research & Innovation)

 Ph.D. Computer Science
 University of Central Punjab, LAHORE PAKISTAN

To get more exposure, accept challenges, utilize skill and prove worth. Attain self‐satisfaction by working in a stable and challenging environment where I can optimally use my knowledge and abilities while continuing to grow professionally.



Dixit B. Patel
Co-Founder / CTO (Software Development)

B.E. Computer Engineering
Gujarat University, GANDHINAGAR INDIA 

Systems analyst with strong problem solving, analytical, team leadership and negotiation skills. Experienced solution implementer with particular experience in project implementations, including portal, integration, programming, and security. 



Daniel Sollberger
CSO (Schweiz)

EK & VK Specialist

I was born in Switzerland and raised in the Basel region. In my professional career, I have the opportunity to gain experience with various companies in leading positions, which I now like to use for JobsMarkt. ch Limited.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with the family, organize small events and play football.