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The global jobs market is rocketing 2.5 percent annually. The surge in highly skilled jobseekers in developing countries ready to satisfy the demand for talent in developed regions has only just begun. However, the conventional model of employers paying recruitment agencies to source applicants on their behalf is now defunct. It has been an ineffective process for a long time, with regionally based agencies typically lacking the knowledge or contacts in developing countries to source the best candidates. Their poor success rate in providing long-term hires also fails to justify the high commissions they charge without improving their service. 

JobsMarkt offers a unique and innovative new way of connecting employers with global talent pool. We have developed proprietary tools which streamline and simplify the process of matching suitable applicants with employers. Through harnessing the efficiency and cost savings of connecting jobseekers and employers online, we offer a low cost model that’s highly attractive to employers ready to evolve from conventional recruitment, which has stubbornly refused to evolve for more than the last decade.

JobsMarkt is now in the process of expanding its presence into key countries across the world. We are looking for suitable partners to act as franchisees whereby they can earn high commissions for managing and growing a regional JobsMarkt portal. It’s time that the recruitment model evolved. Join us in helping it to evolve and offer a better deal for jobseekers and employers across the world.

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